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The third and last adventure of Twigson and Junior
The Final part of the Twigson trilogy is now ready for Delivery: Twigson and Karoline have got a baby boy and could not be happier. Mom and Dad are worried about Junior, because he still hasn’t made any real friends. Junior doesn’t care. He doesn’t like the other boys in the street anyway. And he has Twigson. They make a pact not to have any other friends. Forever! But one day Twigson disappears without a trace...

Short Synopsis
Everything good comes to an end, but every ending is also the beginning of something new. Junior and his family move to the city and Twigson and Karoline are now the proud and happy parents of a son - Mini-Twigson.

But Mom and Dad are worried about Junior. They have been living there for a couple of months, and he still hasn't made any new friends. Junior doesn't care. He doesn't like the other boys in the street, especially not the bully Gunnar. And besides, he has Twigson. They make a pact not to have any other friends. Forever! But one day Twigson disappears without a trace.

Sometimes when you search for something, you end up finding something completely else. The same applies to Junior. And when Twigson is in trouble, Junior has to use his imagination and untraditional methods to help him. Because Twigson is not just a wood stick, root or twig - he's a friend.

The creative team
ArildØstinOmmundsen is the director of Twigson in Trouble, and this is his fourth feature film. ØstinOmmundsen reached a large Norwegian audience with his first feature film, the low budget comedy Mongoland(2001). In 2007 the film was chosen for Dagbladet’s list over the 15 most important films over the last 25 years. In 2004 Monstertorsdaghad its premiere, and participated in the main programme during the Sundance Film Festival 2005, where ØstinOmmundsen was described as “an electrifying new voice of Scandinavian cinema”. He won the Golden Chair in 1999 at the Short Film Festival in Grimstad for Førsolen star opp.

The Twigson films are produced by Finn Gjerdrum and Stein B. Kvae in Paradox. The Production company was established in 1998, and has produced several audience successes the last years, such as Hans PetterMoland’sA somewhat Gentle Man, Erik Poppe’sTroubled Water and Hawaii,Oslo, and ArildFröhlich’sPitbullterjeand Fatso.

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Technical Details
FormatDigital Cinema, HD Video,
Genre     Family Feature
SoundDolby Digital
Length72 minutes
World Cinema Premiere       
Norway (Scanbox) 
September 23rd, 2011

Cast & Crew
Director        Arild Østin Ommundsen
Scriptwriter         Kristin Skogheim,
based on a book by Anne-Cath. Vestly
DOP Trond Tønder
Actors     Adrian Grønnevik Smith,
Petrus Andreas Christensen,
Pernille Sørensen,
Jan Gunnar Røise,
Åsleik Engmark,
Trond Fausa Aurvåg
Producers  Finn Gjerdrum & Stein B. Kvae

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